3 Adorable Bunny Buys For Easter


Every year we play host to a Easter Picnic in our local park. Every year I add a little more to the “theme” box and this year was no exception. Our Easter picnic takes place Easter Sunday so we have had the full enjoyment out of these new supplies. I didn’t want you to miss out on them so I am sharing them before the party.

Oriental trading gave me some store credit and I loved getting the most for my buck with these fantastic buys!

Giant chocolate bunny –  $5.18 –  He is either going to be the centerpiece or a photo prop. I think he is so cute that everyone will want a photo with him.

Easter Carrots. $6.98 a dozen. These were so cheap I couldn’t resist I am thinking a garland or a few throwing games for the adults depending on the wind conditions.

Hoppy Sacks – $14 a Dozen. I probably bought too many of these 24 to be exact without thinking that the 20+ kids could actually take turns and play in heat rounds. They seem very durable and are sure to last more than a few picnics which is fantastic.

I have some more great ideas too but you will need to wait to after Easter to see those.

Here are a few more of the great buys I bought.

Glitter Easter Tattoos  $5 for 72.

Chocolate Bunny Poem Kit. $5.68 for 12.

last Year we used these stickers on mason jar’s for salads and rice salads to go.




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