Beach Ball Arch


As I am sure you recall I have a pet hate for Balloon arches. Well, how about this? A beach ball arch. It looks simple, affordable and totally do-able.

Buy beach balls and pool rings at your local dollar store, then assemble shortly before the party. WikiHow has easy to follow instructions. The key thing to remember is that you’ll need a latex based glue to hold the arch together if you don’t want to risk it coming apart if it’s bumped in the middle of your party.



  1. Tammy Althoff says

    I bought . Everything to do this for my grandaughter’s bubble puppies party. Now how do I attach them?

  2. Sandra says

    I wanted to make this arch for my little ones pool party – do you have instructions on the assembly of such and if so – can you send them to me?

  3. Vanessa says

    how do you put this together? what size is the beach balls and the float things? and how is it holding it down? by water? but how do you get the water inside the float

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