Budget Party – Under $15 Halloween Party




When Oriental Trading offered me some products for a Halloween blog post I was very excited. The real challenge was not wanting to buy EVERYTHING. So I set myself a challenge to spend as little as possible. (Crazy I know).

My first criteria with Halloween Decorations was that they were CHILD friendly. Even if my kids find blood and gore acceptable, I don’t. When I came across the BOO Bunch Range I thought it was perfect.  I bought the following items below, which came in packs of 12 giving me loads of decorations for my very large room. I used two black table cloths (which I already had) to cover the table. I finished off the table with last years trick or treating buckets but you can buy some new ones and still be under $15. We were lucky enough to have a black wall so we used chalk to decorate it. We will probably add some more spiders and webs to the wall before the party too (using chalk).

Once you have added the food the table will not look so bare and it will add a new dimension. (I will add updated photo’s once the day arrives and the food goes out)

Boo Bunch Dangling Swirls – $2.99

Boo Bunch Cutouts $4.99

Black Table cloth $1.50

Jack O lantern tubs $2 for discount store

Add some extra Jack O Lanterns for a bigger party.

Oriental Trading supplied a $100 store credit for this review. I have some more exciting BUDGET party themes coming up soon!. Thanks Oriental Trading!


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