Cake In A Can

OMG this has to be the craziest idea and might I add completely and utterly FUN!  It doesn’t matter what type of party you’re having this Cake in the Can surprise is going to be a big hit on the food table. This would also be amazingly fun in a much bigger can with enough cake for an entire family.


  1. Theresa says

    I was wondering where we could get directions? Do you mix the cake according to normal baking directions, only baking it in the can? Is it already iced when the person opens it?

  2. Joann Drye says

    Yes please… where are the directions for making it in a can, and then making the templates for the outside of a can, obviously you have to purchase one of the can openers that will not leave a sharp edge..then I guess tape the lid back on? or is it baked upside down.

    This is a cute idea,,, no instructions is not like Craft site.

  3. says

    With all the discussion about health impacts from BPA used to line cans these days, I can’t help but wonder if the “fun” factor outweighs concerns about BPA. Just a thought.

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