Not yet knowing, or not wanting to know the gender of your baby doesn’t mean you can’t have a great baby shower.  Having a party with your closest friends and loved ones prior to the arrival of your bundle of joy can be a very exciting time.  Why not have a gender neutral party?  Celebrate your new little one with …

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If you have a birthday party coming up, or maybe a small gathering of friends, why not plan an outdoor party?  It’s now getting warm enough outside to host an outdoor party so why not theme your next get-together around the summer season?  There are many popular summer activities that we enjoy doing such as camping, swimming, barbeques, and picnics.  …

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The summer months are a time for BBQ’s, reunions, and get-togethers.  Take those parties up a notch by having one of these fun games around and I can promise you will be the hit of the summer!  You may even be surprised at how many of the adults join in on the fun and not just the kids.  These 8 …

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Maybe it’s my old age setting in but I love VINTAGE things. I have been collecting this roundup of Vintage icecream soda parties for some time but never getting around to actually post it. But it gets even better because with old age comes patience and with patience came the opportunity to give away this amazing Source Soda Maker and …

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LegoParty1There has been a big hype about the ever so classic Lego bricks lately.  Thanks to the recent release of a new box-office big hit, boys around the world are even more crazy about the tiny little squares of plastic.  Here are 10 ideas for you to put together the best Lego Themed party your favorite little guy could ever …

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Love the idea of having the decorations for a party made during the actual party. Let’s face it this time of year is crazy enough and the thought of making it just that little bit easier sounds FUN to me.  Gather all your supplies and allow the kids and adults loose to create their own hats. Make sure your supplies …

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Parties are big business, hey we even have a blog dedicated to Parties but I am struggling to find party inspiration from parties that are actually REAL.

You may recall my previous post about store bought cakes vs Professional cakes and I think this blog post comes under the same gripe discussion.

This party blog is not aimed at professionals- …

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Heather our Stamping Editor wrote about these a while ago and I just have to say what a wonderful idea.

The technique is perfect for customizing your very own party napkins.

Read Heather’s full post here or jump to the tutorial on The Lifestyle Crafts blog.…

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This blog topic was inspired by my father who messaged me at 7 am to tell me – did I know that Onesies are HUGE right now. If my 69-year-old father thinks they are worth blogging about then gosh darn it I will blog.

I have been trying hard not to get involved with the whole Onesie craze. I do …

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Picture this – your best friend has just gotten out of a terrible (probably depressing) marriage and she wants to celebrate. Would you go? Would you want to celebrate the downfall of her marriage? Or would you see it as celebrating her freedom?

Divorce parties are all over Hollywood and I am not sure what to think about them. What …

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