Maybe it’s my old age setting in but I love VINTAGE things. I have been collecting this roundup of Vintage icecream soda parties for some time but never getting around to actually post it. But it gets even better because with old age comes patience and with patience came the opportunity to give away this amazing Source Soda Maker and …

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I recently got into a debate on the topic of store bought character cakes versus handmade creations from a qualified cake decorator. Where do you stand?  Is it OK?

So the short version of the argument was this. They (un-named highly opinionated person on a public forum) thought that store bought character cakes that retail for around $20 are choc …

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Picture this – your best friend has just gotten out of a terrible (probably depressing) marriage and she wants to celebrate. Would you go? Would you want to celebrate the downfall of her marriage? Or would you see it as celebrating her freedom?

Divorce parties are all over Hollywood and I am not sure what to think about them. What …

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This post brings back sad memories.

The sound of my drink fountain smashing to the floor as my husband picked it up to throw water on two tweens who had him under attack in a water fight.

The only thing that remains is the stand, lonely and isolated in the back of my cupboard. I wish I had made something …

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Ok Ok. I am definitely guilty of preparing too much food at most for my parties. I have this habit of making sure everyone is catered for including vegans, vegetarians and gluten free people.

I would rather have too much food than not enough, right? Have you ever been caught short at a party? What did you do?

Love this …

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Tonia from The Gunny Sack created these adorable balloon Pinata’s for Easter.

The reason I am sharing this is because of her simple but creative method in filling the balloons.

Each balloon is simply stretched over a empty soda pop bottle to widen the neck.

Think of all the things you could put into a surprise balloon. Love this idea!…

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Balloon arches may seem outdated but they do have their place. Balloon arches are great for circus party themes anything involving  football, Disney, Rainbows, Baby showers and for under 5 year-old parties.


If you think you have the right place to pop a balloon arch then the above Youtube video is sure to guide you. Don’t want to DIY? Then you …

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What on earth are these people doing?? If this is some kinda weird Peppa Pig Party inflatable then I never want to see an

inflatable for Big Bird,Bob the Builder or Tinkerbell.

What’s your funny Caption to go with this photo? Comment below with your piglet humor.


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Doggie Beach Party

This is not your usual beach party, this one involves 150 Corgis.

This is one crazy beach party! I just hope they had some pooper scoopers on hand.

What was in the cake dude?…

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