Robots are fun , cool and super nerdy. I just wish robots were more of a reality. I do have a robotic mop and vacuum but would love a Robotic gardener to go with them.  These party ideas are simple but fun and will make your theme come together quickly.

Robot Party Hats

Robot Cutlery Holder

Robot Centerpiece

Robot Cake 


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I think most boys and even some girls go through a Construction phase where they want to push a digger around here and there. My own son had a Construction party for his 2nd Birthday. This free Printable is a great way to get you started.…

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Holy Batman! This is another look at the ever so popular party theme BATMAN. My own child had a superhero party (will eventually blog about it). This modern version has some sleek printable designs and a cool Batman logo too.  Modern Batman.

If you are planning a Batman party then you might want to check out these other Batman …

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If you child is Elmo crazy then consider throwing a Elmo themed party. This round up of great ideas will have you inspired to give it a go. Elmo Party Round up Via Check out our Sesame Street feature ideas too.…

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This adorable Mimosa bar is perfect for just about any party. The presentation is simple but effective. This mimosa bar would also be very easy to transport should your party be outside the home at the beach or park.


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Watermelon is bright and colorful and along with it’s sweet juice it oozes summer time. Watermelon is the perfect theme for BBQ’s or Birthday parties.

Watermelon Cake

Watermelon Pinata

Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon Balloons

Watermelon Cookies

Watermelon Cupcakes  & Icecreams


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Although adding a special member to your family through adoption may be a nontraditional way to build a family, it still deserves a traditional celebration. Whether you already have your bundle of joy or you’re bringing home a 4-year-old child, a baby shower celebrates the beautiful life-changing occasion and the little one who’s your family miracle.

Since the adoption …

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This One Direction Movie Night party by  looks amazing, it looks to good to be true and that’s because it is.  It is a party styled (beautifully) for Sony. Even though this Party didn’t actually take place you can re-create it with the free printable’s and styling ideas.

You may recall my very own One Direction /

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This Crayola Party can not help but be Colorful. The colors are amazing and it’s like your stepping into a rainbow. This party would be suitable for older kids if you take more of an “Art” angle to the games and activities

Check out all the photos for inspiration over at Crayola Party Stickle Berry .


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Kara’s Party Shares this Vintage Aeroplane Party setup by (Greatstitch) The props used in this theming are amazing but possibly a little hard to get hold of. You could definitely use it for inspiration and visit a few flea markets looking for props. Great parties can sometimes take months and months of planning so don’t rush your ideas. …

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