479cb7575dcd4fcf75e61a53f08a005eLooking for the perfect gift for new parents? Check out this Martini Sippy cup.

No more spills!  These hand blown martini glasses with a curved rim make holding and sipping a martini easy and effortless! If you have children then you totally understand why they invented such a thing. There is nothing worse than finally finding the time to mix …

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This Gingerbread man themed Christmas party is adorable. I love the vibrant colors and the adorable Gingerbread men on the cake and as cake pops.

For more great images and all the details visit.Cupcakeexpressinc.com


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I recently got into a debate on the topic of store bought character cakes versus handmade creations from a qualified cake decorator. Where do you stand?  Is it OK?

So the short version of the argument was this. They (un-named highly opinionated person on a public forum) thought that store bought character cakes that retail for around $20 are choc …

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Quilted Polka Dot and Kara’s Party Share this lovely vintage circus themed party idea. Filled with vintage images this set ($150) is sure to impress your guests. Perfect for little ones parties as well as grown ups too. Add some carnival games and circus food to complete the feel.



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Get in the party spirit with this fun “Party on” necklace  from sourcherry.co.uk on Folksy.com.…

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1: Gold Doilies 500pk $71.95

2: 5lbs Gold Wrapped Almonds $82

3: Gold Tinsel Chandelier $20

4: Gold Cupcake Liners (Available almost everywhere)

5: Large Foil Number Balloons $15

6: DIY Gold Foil Pinata

7: Gold Foil Lanterns $7.95

8: Gold CandleSticks

9: Gold Cakes and More Gold Cakes


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Cake Plate Clings are a great way to “Theme” a party using supplies you already have.

Cake Plate Clings, a new patent-pending product from WH Hostess, are a novel series of decorative linings designed for cake stands, pedestals and serving dishes. A fresh update to the traditional disposable paper doilies and liners, Cake Plate Clings are used for decoration, …

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1 :Harold Sushi Tray $13.99

2: Fromage Wooden Cheese Tray $19.99

3: Umbrella Bon Bon Dish

4 :Octopus Serving Platter  $89.00

5 :Las Ramblas $13.20

6 :2 qrt Serving bowl Rachel Ray $50.40

7 :Vintage Bessemer Serving platter $25.00

8 :Handmade Fruit Tier $160.00

9: Threshold Platter Target $9.99


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Very funny~ But it’s not a new idea,  I recall my younger self filling in a toilet guest book at my friend’s house many many moons ago. This one from  Casa-diseno.com is a little more classy than our scraps of paper but same concept.


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Stainless Steel Ice cubes $49.99

Fred Friends Silicone ChillPill $6.99


DIY Floral or Fruit Ice bowl


DIY Rose Petal Ice Cubes







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