If you’re on a tight budget and have a child who loves Legos, Surviving the Stores has a great tutorial showing you how to throw a Lego-themed birthday party for under $100. This includes invitations, games, food, and party favors! The featured party was for 9 guests ages 4-10, but you could use many of these ideas for a larger party …

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tough mudder
There’s nothing wrong with heading to the nearest strip club if that’s what the bride-to-be wants, but there are plenty of other alternatives available. Racked has compiled a great list of stripper-free bachelorette party ideas. An obstacle course is a little too adventurous for my tastes, but I think their ugly dress party suggestion sounds like tons of fun!…

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If you’re a parent, you know that getting children to read during the summer months is a vital part of ensuring their success in school. If you’re dealing with reluctant readers, consider throwing an impromptu reading-themed party in your backyard. Fill a vintage little red wagon with a selection of books and yummy mess-free snacks that guests can enjoy while …

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Not everyone can dedicate time to make home made party food.  I won’t make you feel guilty for that! Here are some tried and tested store bought party food idea that are sure to be a hit. Remember to make your “store bought” food more appetizing remember these tricks.

1: Remove all packaging from the food and the kitchen …

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chalkboard t-shirts

These Chalkboard shirts could be used as a “Party Craft” or create a whole party theme around them. Teenagers will not only love making them but they get to write their own words onto the shirt over and over again. I can envision a chalk board party with lot of fun fonts and black and white food. Full tutorial here

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This Super Hero party round up is actually from my own sons party. I created a theme around the backdrop wall paper I picked up on sale for $14.  It created an amazing cityscape that the kids loved having their photos taken against.


I purchased helium balloons from ebay for under $2 each and used them as a backdrop on …

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Every year we play host to a Easter Picnic in our local park. Every year I add a little more to the “theme” box and this year was no exception. Our Easter picnic takes place Easter Sunday so we have had the full enjoyment out of these new supplies. I didn’t want you to miss out on them so I …

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Even though this party was styled for New Years eve, I thought it was worth a mention. The black and white styling is so simple that anyone could do it. I wanted to show the less creative ones in the group that “styling” a party can be very easy if you stick to a simple theme and carry it …

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Emma's Pottery Party 031

Do you know what is so special about this party styling? It was completed in a commercial Pottery store. Which means, just because you take a party out of a home to an organized activity doesn’t mean it has to be drab.

The tables were decorated with lengths of wrapping paper and small buckets held party favors, afternoon snacks and …

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New Years Table 2 022

Tick tock, tick tock time is running out to plan for the New Year’s Eve Party. If you have some glass plates on hand then you are all set to create these simple but adorable party plates.  If you do not have glass plates (you should invest as they are so versatile) then check out your local discount store or …

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