Drip Snagger – Party Problem Solver


  This Drip Snagger from  Current Catalog is so simple it’s crazy. It retails for $5.99 but I   am sure you can see it looks very similar to a cut down soda bottle.

No more spills on the table or worse on the floor, the only downside I can see to this is   it will only hold drops and not overflows. Still a good “Party Problem Solver”.



  1. says

    WHY spend $6.00 plus shipping for something you can make in less than 10 mins yourself from stuff you’ve probably got laying around????? DUH PEOPLE!!! A 20 oz or 1 ltr soda/water bottle, a pair of scissor’s and if YOU MUST a light coating of spray paint.

  2. Mary says

    Great idea…plan to make two for “coffee drips”. One for regular and one for decaf..thanks for the great idea! Is the red a sponge or painted to look nicer?

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