Gift Idea – Martini Sippy

479cb7575dcd4fcf75e61a53f08a005eLooking for the perfect gift for new parents? Check out this Martini Sippy cup.

No more spills!  These hand blown martini glasses with a curved rim make holding and sipping a martini easy and effortless! If you have children then you totally understand why they invented such a thing. There is nothing worse than finally finding the time to mix yourself a drink and having it knocked over. From $20.00


  1. Marilyn Westphal says

    Grin! At first I thought,,,”a childs sippy cup shaped like a martini glass….hmmm…not such a good idea.
    Then it hit me…not for the child for the parents !….totally get it. It’s been a while since I had a small one around.

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