Giveaway: Source Soda Maker and Pop Vintage Icecream Soda Roundup


Maybe it’s my old age setting in but I love VINTAGE things. I have been collecting this roundup of Vintage icecream soda parties for some time but never getting around to actually post it. But it gets even better because with old age comes patience and with patience came the opportunity to give away this amazing Source Soda Maker and thus I had the perfect reason to share with you this roundup.

(scroll down to the bottom for your chance to win the Source Soda Maker )

Here are some of my favorite links and party ideas. I have to say the vintage icecream van is my favorite but I don’t have one laying around so will probably have to settle for something a little smaller like this. 


Rockabilly Milkshake bar

YUM Icream party

Vintage icecream van and Cone Cake


Coke Float Party

Icecream party with a twist

 7092485005_3c422cebb9_k copy

Soda Shop Party

Dads Diner

 Soda Pop Costume

50’s Diner


 Printable Vintage Soda Labels for Decoration.

Vintage Hot Dog Machine – You will need something savory.

Cusineart Soft Serve Machine – You need icecream to go with that soda!

Vintage Retro Images – Adorable images you can use for decorations or invitations.


—- WIN ——

For your chance to win the Source Soda Maker comment below and tell us what your favorite Icecream Soda memory is: 

(Please note this prize can not be shipped with the gas/soda cylinder you will need to purchase that from your local stockist before you can use this machine. Cylinder is valued at $20).

Entries are for US residents only and competition closes on the 1st of June. 


LYNNP- You have been selected as the winner. Please email us with your postal address by the 20th of June to claim your prize.


  1. Nancy Dos Santos says

    Making ice cream floats with my kids when they were very little on hot summer days. They would sit in their wading pool and I didn’t care how sticky they got

  2. SusanM says

    When I was growing up one of my friends was in ballet and her mom would take us out to Carvel for ice cream sodas after the recitals. So delicious, thank you for a chance to win!

  3. Renee Richardson says

    My sister and I used to always make root beer floats together. We live over a thousand apart now but when we get together we still make floats. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  4. Chrissy says

    We always made them at home when I was a kid-lots of cream soda and my favorite ice cream…yum!

  5. Mary Munguia says

    My favorite was a Root Beer Float. Could not get enough! When I was young we had a soda fountain inside a diner. It was a special treat when we would get one. Our family, like so many did not have a lot of money, so we learned to appreciate these special treats. I would love to introduce my grandchildren to them.

    Thank You,

  6. Mari u says

    My grandpa had one of the last soda fountain/pharmacy establishments in the bay area. I grew up learning the ins and outs of making soda floats and scooping the “perfect” scoop of ice cream onto cake cones. :-)

  7. Lynne P says

    My fondest memories are of taking “rides” with my Grandparets on hot southern summer days. Cars didn’t have air conditioning; we would roll the windows down and just drive. Grandpa loved driving and we would just “go” and enjoy the scenery or “new discoveries.”
    Occasionally, as a very special treat, we would stop for “ice cream” on the way home. I would share an ice cream soda with Grandma, then when my Brother got older, he and I would share one.
    Those memories put a smile on my face!

  8. Sylvia says

    Back when I was a young girl, we would go to Kreskes, Woolworths.Goldblatts, Walgreens, or just about any store that had a soda fountain, and have a Cherry Coke or a Green River, hoping that some cute guys would come around and talk to us. Oh yes, those were the days!

  9. Brooke Halperin says

    My favorite memory is when my husband and I first started dating in college we went to the beach and afterwards we hit up this old school drive in for icecream sodas, I got a vanilla rootbeer and he got a lime green ice cream soda. As we drove off we each had our first sips. Well my “cool” boyfriend started gaging after his sip … at the time his college palette for burgers and fries made him gag at the taste of a lot of things but it turned out that the drive-in didn’t change the line out and he was drinking green soda water over ice cream :)

  10. John Hutchens says

    My favorite ice cream soda memory was when I was a child my grandmother made them for the kids as a treat every weekend

  11. Pam Leonard says

    When I was a little girl my uncle owned his own drugstore. He gave icecream tickets to kids having to wait for prscriptions to be filled. I sat happy as a lark at his soda fountain counter eating my strawberry icecream float, made by “Miss Vera”, not giving the wait a second thought! :)

  12. Meena R says

    I remember making soda floats with my dad when I was younger. We would make them and then sit on the porch and just enjoy the day.

  13. Birdiebee says

    My favorite ice cream soda memory was when I was in fifth grade with my BFF having a rootbeer float and french fries at Newberry’s soda fountain. Riding our bikes to this store on the weekend and being able to have a treat was a big treat back in those days. I love Newberry’s soda fountain.

  14. Paula Jones says

    As a child going with grandfather to the ice cream shop setting at the counter on a really fancy stool watching the clerk make my chocolate shake! Topped with real whipped cream an not one but two cherries!

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