Halloween Party Platters


Take a cheap plastic Halloween platter plate and turn it into Art Work. You could use food safe paints or seal it with a varnish if you plan to eat off this platter, but I think it would be great hanging on a wall or even used as the backdrop to a Halloween door wreath. I found this platter plate had been used again and again in different DIY tutorials so here is my roundup.

Layer your paints to create this Faux stone look.  Faux Stone Halloween Platter.

Or check out this same platter plate turned into a glamorous Charger Plate or try this simple Nickle spray painted charger plate idea.

Or go for a  Zinc Finish on this version of the Platter plate.

Very detailed Dessert Stand platter with Candle holder.

Black Glittery Platter on a stand with some added stickers for extra effect.

Halloween Gold Platter

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