Handmade Hostess: Book Review


Handmade Hostess just came out. And, oh what a spectacular book it is!

Kelly Lee-Creel and Rebecca Soder teamed up, and their work is just impeccable. The book shows us 12 party ideas from top to bottom. And within those 12 occasions, there are 37 craft projects (favors, decorations, name tents…) all with complete instructions and templates on how you could achieve the same results for your party.


They show us a St. Patrick’s Day party, and one of the decorations is a clothes line with leprechaun laundry drying on it. So cute!

One of the most important things about a book for me is “will I be able to do this at home?” And this book addresses that concern beautifully. These parties are spectacular, and clever, but they are also very “real life”. They really look like you could host one at your house (without moving your family out, and hiring a full time staff the week before. And let’s be real here, sometimes it feels like that is what it would take!)

One of my other favorites is a “Mad Scientist” party:


She gives us a full template to make this Lab Rat. (so great, with little corduroy paws!) But also – look in the background – that clever beaker display! It adds such a punch, but it is completely non-toxic, non-erupting, and non-messy. Win, win, win. I have fiber fill in a closet that is just waiting to be stuffed into a beaker!

I am really excited about this book. I have gone through it once, and I will be going through it again. It is really a great source of inspiration and ideas! Thanks Kelly and Rebecca!



  1. says

    Just because I would love to have it and maybe help a friend of mine who is a great florist and she is now trying to organize small parties to somehow overcome the economic crisis we are all facing….

  2. carol says

    this is a really fun book, very creative, would love to make use of it for my grand children’s party’s, St Patrick’s day, birthdays, Easter and all through the year

  3. says

    Thank you for the great write-up about the book! I am so happy to hear that you think the projects work in “real life,” too. That part was really important to us. :-)

  4. tara o. says

    Looks like a really great book with adorable ideas!I will be planning my son’s 9th birthday real soon, this would be a great resource.

  5. Reine says

    Ooo I love to throw dinner parties & I can never think of great themes or how to do them – this would be perfect!


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