How to set a formal table for a dinner party – or how to eat at one.


This is one of those must know life lessons that always seem overlooked.

If you  have ever waited to see what everyone else was doing before picking up your fork? Then make sure you memorize this photo. In fact save it to your smart phone for those awkward moments.


  1. Viji says

    I was taught that the forks, knives etc. are used from the outside in..The salad is the first one out, then the meat fork , closer to the plate etc.
    I also,checked the Emily post website and Thatnis how it is shown.

  2. says

    I agree with Viji, these settings would not work in the UK.

    For example, the bread plate would sit beside the forks not above them. There should be a desert spoon above the desert fork, the coffee spoon should be on the coffee cup saucer… and that cup and saucer should still be in the kitchen not on the table.

    Also there are not enough glasses, there are no champagne flutes or red wine glasses and it is usual for water to be served in tumblers.

    All forks are placed on the left, except desert or cake forks. Finally fish knives do not look like that in the UK… they are blunt, with no cutting edge and curved.

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