Limoncello Recipe


I came across this Limoncello recipe and it brought back so many memories that I had to share it with you. I first tasted Limoncello at a mountain Distillery in Australia. We of course were talked into a few bottles of different concoctions from the amazingly quirky owners of the TamborineMountainDistillery. In fact the hand-painted bottle my Limoncello came in has only just been thrown away despite it being empty for more than 8+years. (I am a horder of pretty packaging and his wife hand-painted it). So you are wondering what this has to do with parties? Well apart from the fact you can drink at parties and this recipe will be a great drink it is also perfect for Favor’s. Sometimes a favor at a party might not be a candle or a silver key ring. Sometimes it i good to think outside the box and delve deep into your fun memories.

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