9 Modern Day Drinking Glasses that will impress your guests


1. Christian-Louboutin designer champagne slippers. Shoes and Champagne kinda go together but not literally.

2. Inside out Martini Glasses. Stylish and easier to store as well.

3. Plastic style wine glasses – A little quirky! Not sure my guests would appreciate the “plastic” humor.

4. Bombay Sapphire tree branch glasses– not sure my dishwasher would approve of these.

5. Govino Champagne flutes – Basic design with easy grip for drunks?

6. Looks normal enough but actually holds 1 whole bottle of wine.

7. Fair Share Fountain – at $599 I don’t think this will be my new party trick, but WOW how amazing would it look.

8. Double Walled Champagne glasses are designed to keep your bubbly a little cooler for a little longer.

9. Butterflies in my tummy by undergrowth design. Beautiful glasses possibly too beautiful to use.

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