Old Fashioned Candy Tins

Candy.com – Old tin lunch boxes $12.95

My 5 Year old started School this year which brought up fond memories of my school years. One of those memories was carrying around an old tin lunch box.  I can’t recall for the life of me what the character was and it’s surprisingly bugging me. If I ever go into deep hypnosis therapy this will be one of my deep embedded questions. “What was my lunch box character?” Do you remember what was on your lunch box?

So to cut a long story short, I have been searching high and low for adorable lunch boxes and then once I find the perfect one I will find a reason to buy it.

Here is my find and here is my reason : Party Favor Boxes for a chocolate themed 4 year olds party. I know the kids probably wont appreciate it, But the thought of every parents having a mini trip down memory lane excites me and outweighs the cost of these tins.

Decorative storage around the house would be quirky.  What else could you use these tins for? Add your own great links to tin finds in the comments below.


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