Party Ideas: Bollywood Diwali


Every year for the past 7 years we have held an Indian Diwali Party or Bollywood Party.  We like to warn people who are new to our parties that it’s like an Indian “shock to your senses” themed party. It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s totally over the top and we love it that way.

Each year our party has grown in size and creativity. As I am currently the Party editor for CraftGossip,I thought I would post up another of my own real parties. (Here are some more of my others Beach, Mermaid).

Every year we change things a little to make it different and exciting. It takes around 1 week on and off (I work and have 2 kids) to set it up, mainly because there is lots of ceiling work and pinning to be done. It takes 1 day to pull it all down and 1 week to wash and iron everything ready for the next year.

This is a round up of Diwali 2013.


This is my kitchen and the food area. We used a pop up marquee tent to close it in to feel like a Bazaar. We used hessian or burlap sacks filled with fruit and veggies to give it a market feel. I served Iced Chai and decorated by water decanter with a $5 Necklace that finished off the look.  We used party food heaters to serve 3-4 curries, rice etc.


This fantastic cart was built by my parents – I love it! It filled in an empty corner and allowed me to serve the Entree from it. I decorated it with mini packets like a traditional Indian street vendor would have hanging from his cart. Some of these I bought whilst in Indian, others we simply stapled together and a few strands are just color copies to add depth and quantity.

For Entree we had tandoori chicken kebabs, poppadoms , samosas and more.


This is the “dining” area. It was created with standard party tables and chairs borrowed from everywhere.(We need to seat around 60 guests).  The outside area had a seating area on the floor filled with cushions. (The children mostly sit here). I added some crayons and coloring sheets for some entertainment for the little ones. We also had a dedicated play room for the kids and a dance area.


What would an Indian party be without dancing? Lots of Bollywood dancing and singing and everyone gets up and has a go which is fantastic.  My friend does henna for all the ladies and even some tattoo styles for the guys who want to get involved.


These are my collection of lanterns and umbrellas which we hang from the ceilings. Every year I add a couple more.


We are blessed to have a large outside courtyard so this year we draped it with sari’s to give it a warm cozy feeling by night.

What do you think of this party? Leave your comments!


  1. AK says

    This is so cool. There is so much detail everywhere. You should consider it as a full/part time business. Good luck and Happy Diwali to you and your family.

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