Party Ideas – Breaking Bad


You may not believe this but I have NOT actually watched this show. Some may call that disgraceful, but honestly I get around 45 mins-1 hour of  T.V watching time per day and my husband is I am pretty selective with what I watch.  He usually watches the other show full of violence called Boardwalk Empire. What my husband doesn’t realize is the longer he watches these things the more time I have to buy random crap I don’t need on E-bay.

So if you are a fan, then this is for you!

Breaking Bad Meth Candy (totally don’t agree with this but blogging despite my own personal opinion)

Breaking Bad Cocktails

Breaking Bad Science Formula Glasses.

Breaking Bad Coasters.

Breaking Bad Cupcakes via EdibleCrafts

Breaking Bad Cushions

Breaking Bad Paper Dolls –  Use these for decorations, invites or even cake toppers.




  1. belleandrew says

    I love the show and think it’s great.. I don’t know if I would ever do a party themed around it but if I did, I would make sure everybody was aware that it was adult only because definitely not a kids show.

  2. Cath says

    I’ve never watched it either, and am thinking this is one weird post, but we’re in the minority, huh. I like your alternative!

  3. says

    Liquid Meth? I don’t care how popular this show was, it was about drug dealing and murder and that whole sub-culture. there will be no nod of tacit approval on this. Very bad taste! there are just times when you have to take a stand and not be appologetic for it…this should be taken down…

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