Party Ideas – Fondue

fondue party

When Kojo Designs sent me this little party tip I instantly thought Chocolate fondue. Am I the only person who has the word Chocolate floating around in their head ALL the time? I even picked out a Chocolate colored car only to have my dreams shattered when hubby brought home the new car and it was mistakenly painted a diluted caramel mess. I am slightly distracted now. This fondue party by features lot’s of vegetables and lot’s of different dips.  This fondue would be perfect for any adult party that required a little more sophistication without all the effort. Fondue Party.



  1. Cath T says

    No, you’re not. I’m currently in Chocolate Mousse withdrawal after finishing the latest 6-serving batch, which lasts three days, if married. Would be six days if not married. hhmmm.

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