Party Ideas – Mid Life Crisis


This Party is from and is Fabulous. (Pun Intended)

Every night at around 9 pm when my children refuse to close their eyes or they tell me they are hungry or thirsty or need to wee – I sit and plan out my Mid Life Crisis. I think about all the things I would rather be doing . Basically my (pathetic) mid life crisis will consist of sleeping and watching British T.V programs. The two things I no longer do in life.

When I do decide to lose the plot and embark on the journey of “My Mid Life Crisis” I think I will throw a party. In fact I will be 35 this year and as my dear friend keeps reminding me, that is half way to 70. Which means that a “Mid Life Crisis” party might be closer than I think.

All of the items are available in their NEW SHOP- They also have a non Midlife Crisis option- Welcome to my fabulous Birthday Party.

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