Party Ideas – PopStar & OneDirection


This is a REAL party, in the park across from my own house. The hours and hours of preparation were REAL!

My very crazy fun and love-able daughter wanted a One Direction/ Pop Star party for her 6th Birthday. She had literally been planning it for 12 months. She started planning it on the night after her 5th Birthday. (Party Planner in the making)

We made lot’s of decorations ourselves including a very cool POPSTAR sign which took me more time than I care to admit.

We printed off and laminated personalized Back Stage Passes which were handed out as the guests arrived. Some of the food was placed in these super cool Guitar Shaped Bowls which we saved for future use and the kids wiped their dirty faces on poor Justin Bieber.

We filled the photo frame with random pop stars and used a piece of vinyl checkerboard flooring to create a dance area. We finished off the dance area with the Rockstar Background from Oriental

pop-star-one-direction-party-cake-decoration pop-star-party-one-direction-oriental-trading

The Inflatable Microphones were supplied by Oriental Trading and  are $1.50. We used these for decorating the table, playing during the party and then I packaged them up into their take home favor bags. So they were very versatile.

I made the cake using a printed One Direction CD cover and icing. The headphones and iPod were made from sugar icing. We had a makeup station with pretty hair clips and tattoos to let the girls feel special. We had intended to make an iPod craft but totally forget all about it.

My 3 year-old son was self appointed security guard at the end of the red aisle runner and took his job very seriously.

It was loads of fun!



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