Party Platter Presentation

When it comes to party food and having that WOW factor it really comes down to one thing. PRESENTATION.

Sure we can slap some meats on a plate and throw some crusty bread down but have you ever taken the time to turn something into art?

Rita made this wonderful Antipasto centerpiece using a polystyrene cone and toothpicks. You simple pin the pieces on the cone. This cone took around 45 mins to create, so make sure you allow enough preparation time to create the masterpiece.

Check out some of these other inspiring but totally achievable platter presentation ideas.

Piled up high meat and antipasto platter by cheeseboutique. You could fake the piles by scrunching up some foil underneath to lift the meat.

Image of Antipasto platter from Real Simple. The only problem I see with this is having a plate large enough. I suggest using a piece of cardboard covered in foil or a large piece of (clean) wood for a more rustic look.

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