Quick Parties – The Best Store Bought Party Food


Not everyone can dedicate time to make home made party food.  I won’t make you feel guilty for that! Here are some tried and tested store bought party food idea that are sure to be a hit. Remember to make your “store bought” food more appetizing remember these tricks.

1: Remove all packaging from the food and the kitchen – No one needs to see that it’s from a box!

2: Don’t use store bought tomato sauce and a bottle of mayo for the dips – Buy expensive fresh gourmet brands or try and make these ones yourself.

3: Don’t throw it onto a plastic plate or tin foil tray- Treat the food as if you had paid $4 a piece for each quiche. Then would you slap it onto a plate or present it with love and care.

4: Be honest! If someone actually asks, say No I didn’t make them , but they are (insert persons name) favorites so just couldn’t have a party without them.

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