Quick Party Ideas – Adult Onesies


This blog topic was inspired by my father who messaged me at 7 am to tell me – did I know that Onesies are HUGE right now. If my 69-year-old father thinks they are worth blogging about then gosh darn it I will blog.

I have been trying hard not to get involved with the whole Onesie craze. I do own one that my mother bought me. When my kids started laughing at me hysterically I took it off and went back to my good old trusted trackie dacks (tracksuit pants) and hung my head in shame as I shoved them deep into the back of my cupboard.

So now to put a positive spin on a Onesie. They would make for an hysterical (non flattering) party. I also think they are the perfect costume (not daywear people) for kids parties. Where else could you find an Elmo costume you can wear day or night to entertain your kids for under $60? Imagine if Batman could tuck your children into bed each night?

You can purchase Onesies for as little as $15 with free shipping. You could buy 10 for your friends and host a pizza/Onesie/sleepover for under $200. It would be a fantastic laugh. If you are looking for more Onesie Party Ideas consider checking out our Onesie Party Idea Pinterest Board.

Chesire Cat Onesie-  $65.99

Panda Onesie- $87.60

Elmo Onesie $59.99

Batman Onesie $24.99

Bee Onesie – $15


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