Real Parties Vs Staged Parties


Parties are big business, hey we even have a blog dedicated to Parties but I am struggling to find party inspiration from parties that are actually REAL.

You may recall my previous post about store bought cakes vs Professional cakes and I think this blog post comes under the same gripe discussion.

This party blog is not aimed at professionals- it’s for the Moms and Dads out there who want to give their kids the best DIY party they can.

Are we inspiring you with un-achievable expectations?

At a guess only about 20% of our parties appear to be real, the rest are styled by 1/2 a dozen professionals that majority of households couldn’t afford to replicate.

So here I am –  Just a girl blogger asking  boy   readers to love share with her.

Do you want to see more REAL parties?

Are you happy reading about OTT (Over the top) styled parties cause they still inspire you?

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  1. says

    I couldn’t agree more. I love a good party and continually find inspiration from all sources BUT when I see the perfectly planned 3rd birthday party, the flawless pictures, the coordinating everything, the perfection is too much. I love seeing real people throw parties…those parties are still filled with inspiration and beautiful pictures but they have an air of attainability that make them TRULY inspiring.

  2. says

    Here’s my 3 cents – I like to see any and all creative party ideas whether from professionals or diy-ers. I think the professional parties can be a great source of ideas and inspiration, just like decorator rooms can inspire your own home projects. I guess that’s what I like about CraftGossip – it’s a exciting mix of professional and more down to earth ideas. Keep the great projects coming :)

  3. says

    I love to find ONE idea in a magazine or online, and add it to the magic I bring to every celebration, magic built up over my lifetime.

    An example would be my Easter dinner table. I consider Easter dinner a party. Last year I saw some carrot napkins made from hot orange paper napkins and fuzzy green pipe cleaners. I added this touch to my table along with my longstanding collection of egg cups and my had-them-forever Bunnykins Easter couple.

  4. Pat Hathaway says

    I enjoy looking at all the possibilities so I can choose one or two that could actually be done, but they do look a little impossible. I just figured they were meant for people who had a lot more money and time than I did.

  5. says

    While staged parties are pretty and nice to look at, you can tell they’re fake. Still, there might be 1-2 items you can pick out to try and the inspiration can be fun. I tend think of them the same way I look at a magazine – which basically means, styled to death and more or less “fairy tales”.

    Real parties are great, and I like to see how crafty, talented “regular” people do it. Having done a few of those myself, the hardest trick is getting everything done and set up ahead of time so you can get pictures before guests arrive. After that you’re so busy hosting and enjoying the party, you forget to take pictures! Or… at least I do :)

    • says

      Totally Agree with your pictures comments. I am always so rushed at the start, that so are my photos and it definitely lets down the quality of my end “Styled” Real party blog photos. :(

  6. Patricia P. Hall says

    Fake parties? Fake cakes? REALLY???? Have we become so blog obsessed and pinterest obsessed that we are making up stuff? I must be living in another world! Ut, oh…. that is what my mother always says!! When we were growing up, we always got a special birthday cake sent by an aunt (in the mail, no less). I had a birthday music box cake stand that made whatever she sent the “birthday cake”. I think once in my childhood we had a “professional birthday party”. When my own child came along, I did his parties at home which was quite rare because the McDonald’s BD party and the skating rink party were the norm. Everyone seemed to enjoy them and all of my ideas came from books in the library or a party book from the 1950s. We had so much fun with a cowboy theme, a pirate theme, an Army theme, etc. I do remember having a “Survivor” birthday party at our local state park when that show was very popular. I guess those ideas were the equivalent of pinterest fake parties, but we just took the ideas and added our own twist. I also always baked or bought a chocolate sheet type cake and my son decorated it himself with his toys… cowboys, army men, etc. I say do what is best for you and your family and your budget. Keeping up with the Jones is impossible.

  7. says

    I’m torn – I love to find real ideas for real things that I can do (I’m a professional cake decorator – I spend far too much time on the cake, so the rest of the party needs to be simple and easy). And, I love seeing the professional parties; they’re just so pretty. And, as Susan said, there are sometimes just one or two great ideas that are do-able.

  8. says

    I’d like to think that my paries for Kieran so far have all been real ones. 😉 I think it’s important for us regular mums to realise that all those perfect looking parties are done by professionals, and to not set the bar that high for ourselves! But like Renee said, the fancy parties are great for inspiration, once we remember not to drive ourselves (and our families), totally mad trying to achieve what the professionals can.

  9. KellyS says

    I’d love to see BOTH but know which are the professional staged parties. I am creatively challenged and having lots of good ideas is a plus, but I also feel hopeless overfaced at some of the productions out there.

  10. Shanny Khoo says

    I love to read about both as both give pretty good ideas. REAL parties (especially kiddie birthdays) are AWESOME to read about, especially when items are DIY by mums and dads.

    I for one can bake but can not decorate (even if my life depends on it). So cake would be as simple as possible, helps when your boys like bizarre unpro like cake. :) I normally spend more time on the loot bags and play items for the kids. As far as deco goes, the great outdoors is a great place to be with minimal effort.

  11. Gayle says

    I like seeing real party ideas and parties. I always wonder what these pro looking parties cost not only in $$ but in time. As a working mom with 2 kids, I am limited in how much time and energy I have to invest in these parties. I would like to be able to explore the ideas and choose ones that fit my budget and time constraints.

  12. Esther J says

    I look at pro-shots and while yes.. they are quite over the top, and would take 3 weeks and a big budget to un-decorate then re-decorate my home, there are little details that I’ll see.
    Add black polka-dots and a big bow to a Little Tykes car for a Minnie Mouse party- I could do that. Bring a cake photo to my baker and say I would like something with this detail. Or a new way to do something simple.. like arranging fruit tray, making drink garnishes, or even crafting a party hat.

    I think I am realistic in my party expectations. Some things I can do.. others I can’t or don’t want to. I want to show my guests that I have put some effort into the bash.. but they are realistic as well and not expecting a professionally styled soirée.

  13. Cath says

    I don’t know why I’m reading this because my son is well beyond the age when I had to do parties for him. DH and I never do parties. But…going back to when I did do parties, I tended to do very “real” parties. I always felt the pressure though to spend more and do more to “keep up with the Jones.” I think it would be more fun for everyone to keep it real and not go for over the top blow out parties.


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