The Best Party Mocktails


I know it’s almost wrong to be posting about drinks that don’t contain alcohol but if you can’t drink or don’t want to drink (for whatever reason) then why not enjoy a little mix-ology concoction.  Personally I love minty or chocolate drinks with or without alcohol. What’s your favorite Mocktail?  Share your recipe below.

1:Virgin Garden Mary 

2:Blue Moon Cocktail

3:Creamsicle Punch

4:Cherry Bing Mocktail

5:Mango Mockolada

6:Chocolate Martini 

7:Mist-letoe Martini 

8:Frost Brite


  1. Vanessa says

    I have just seen this post and thought how great for a teenagers party but after clicking the link to the blue moon cocktail on of the major ingredients was vodka. How disappointing that you didn’t check the links first.

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