Using a Parachute to fix an ugly venue

 from 100daywedding came up with this wonderful and on budget idea that I just have to share.

She hired a parachute then attached it to the ceiling for a dramatic effect. The reason I am sharing this idea with you is that it’s the perfect solution to an ugly venue. Lots of party goers and brides to-be trail around venue after venue looking for the right feel. But what most of you (and me) are guilty of is never looking up until it’s too late.

Here is how a general venue checklist goes:

Carpets: OK –  Check

Walls right color – Check

Tables right shape – Check.

Ceiling – WHAT?

When your guests are sitting in a room for 3+ hours, at some point they are going to glance up and down. If you serve them enough alcohol they are probably going to look around and around too.

Not only can you hide away an ugly ceiling but the dramatic effect will draw the eye upwards and away from ugly carpets, wall or guests.

I Love this idea and I hope you do too. Let me know if you use it or have another ugly ceiling ideas to share.

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