Kids cakes you can afford – Fake Cakes

Pink Cake Box Cake

Most of us want to give our kids the best for their Birthdays and an OTT (Over The Top) Birthday cake has suddenly become the normal requirement.

Even if I could afford to buy a 4 tier OTT  $800 cake for my child’s first birthday does it really mean I want to ?

Heck NO !

I can think of many other things to spend the money on including a good bottle of  wine that I will need to drink after the 20+ kids run riot through my house.

So why not fake it and fool everyone that you are indeed a “time savvy organized rich mother “.

I must admit faking cakes is nothing new to me, many times I have had to put a fake base on a homemade creation just so it doesn’t topple over but that was more out of necessity them affordability.

So what about the real cake? Well you have 2 options – make 1 tier real (make sure you cut from this tier) or take the cake back into the kitchen and serve up a sheet cake.  Everyone will be none the wiser.

IMPORTANT  TIP: If your fake cake is colored e.g, blue, make sure the real cake that you a slicing from also has a sheet of the same icing otherwise your cover will be blown.

Here are some bases around $50 a set at Sugarcraft.

Here are a couple of videos to help you with techniques.

Mark Ballard has some great techniques

Donna shows us how to cover a polystyrene Dummy tiers with icing

Rather fake some cake pops? then check out this post of Faking them too.  Faking it doesn’t just start when you get married it can start at the reception too with this article about fake wedding cakes.


  1. KittenWithAWhiplash says

    I’d rather save the $50 and settle for some Thunderbird (do they still make that?) or Boones Farm (do they sitll make that?) or even Strawberry Ripple (do they still make that?), ‘cuz lets face it – a kid’s 1st birthday party is for the adults, not the babies.

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